MORRIS’ MARKED MEN – Angelo Gets His Third TIM Tattoo

You may remember this Marked Man, from previous blog post. Angelo is the tearoom cocksucker who got a blood-red TIM tattoo inked on his chest in IN THE FLESH and recently, a blue at the base of his back. This week, Angelo finished him homage to the TIM way of life with a third tattoo on his right knee.

“It makes sense for our sign to be decorating Angelo’s knee, because his well-worn knees are already a badge of cocksucker honor,” tells Liam Cole, TIM Producer. “This is one tatt that’s going to be ground into the earth until it’s a faded trace.”

Take the TIM Tattoo Challenge and join Angelo and Paul Morris’ Army of Marked Men. Check here for details.

Photos courtesy of TIM Producer, Liam Cole. (LiamColeBlog.com)