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TIM FUCK ROULETTE – New and Improved Free Video Chat

We’ve made Fuck Roulette faster and better with a clean new layout and simpler video, audio, and chat controls to help you get off whenever you want.

Just like before, there’s no signup required and no other bullshit. Head to FUCK ROULETTE now, turn on your cam, and get off with a new buddy or two.

  • Buck Wood

    Do you have an app for the site so we can use it on our smart phones?

  • Buck Wood

    I hate that the site shows 18 Buddy’s on but I get the same 3 or 4 cams popping up. I’ve yet to be able to actually view the same number as is supposed to be on the “roulette site”. Also, the site seems to have a mind of its own sometimes and just stops your buddy chat and tosses your cam back into the “roulette” mix. I’ve heard this from other users as well.

  • http://pig-jussi.tumblr.com/ Asko Jussi Kortelainen

    Sometimes only one cock at time. I NEED cocks everyday and every way.

  • RigPigBln

    Got Flash installed ? Cos it works on my Mac with 10.7.X and my Dev Mac 10.8

  • Jussi

    I´m Gay Jussi from Finland, Kuopio. I love to jerk off, and put big dildos in my horny ass here fuckroulette. I´m big fan of TIM.

  • CAstud82

    Why the hell can’t I use my cam with my new apple soft wear on FR? Total bummer. Ever since I downloaded the most reset soft wear my camera won’t turn on when entering the site. The box comes up to enable camera but the accept button won’t react to my clicking.

  • http://ineedwomen adham_hamed18a

    i love you can i seee you

  • Joe

    Stunning Brad McGuires super cock is out and proud at an amazing SDSTW event at Gulch…fuck I would love to be on my knees at the feet of this Demi god…, what a chance in a lifetime. Shame I’m in the fucking cold and dull UK. If I could afford the air fare, I would be there like a shot, sucking like a mother fucker, hoping to hit the spunk roulette jackpot, and slurp his jizz the British Way. If you decide to fly him over to the UK to give us marked men a gobble, make sure you make me know about it. . Good Luck Stud . Joe

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