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SLAMMED || Jon Phelps

This winter, Liam Cole has been hard at work searching the UK and the globe for hungry pigs to showcase in his upcoming Fuck-vid, SLAMMED. Liam’s had much success, nabbing sex-feens Scott Williams,  Keiran, Peto Coast and even TIMWhore Christian for his new flick. From all night DP’s to cum-dump sex parties, these men have been giving Liam and his lens hours of raw, raunchy action to document and share with you.

Slamming his way through the cum trenches of London, Liam has unearthed a new, raw gem; meet Jon Phelps. A naturalist, a cumpig and one sexy lad, Jon seeks purity through raw uninhibited fucking.  Here are some photo’s from his casting interview last year. Since then Liam has recorded Jon having some of the hottest, most intense sex ever seen. Jon’s scenes are fucking brilliant and are sure to be a big part of SLAMMED.

Look for SLAMMED this August exclusively from TreasureIslandMedia.

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  • whereisjon

    Where is Jon now? always wanted to see more of him.

  • ozfistpig

    fucking hot preview.. love the almost subliminal quick shots of the slam and after effects and his hot enlarged pupils. cant wait to buy this movie

  • Aussieboy65

    Is the title indicative of PnP ??

  • Kvalheim95

    Damn, Gotta have ya….

  • Liam Cole

    Thanks Rocky! I wish there was a “like” button for these comments. I’d be using it.

  • Rocky Fagura

    I am very impressed, Liam Cole is extremely talented, a director who sees outside the box and chooses stars that appeal to the masses. I hope I get to work with him in some form in the future

  • Roberto Garcia, Jr.

    Hope your life is full of sex, music and mischief.

  • http://treasureislandmedia.com Anton Dickson

    Can’t wait to see it, hehe, hugs anton

  • Liam Cole

    Thank you Joe! Comments like that inspire me to keep at it.

  • JoeUK

    Hey Liam, horny fukker, your the porn talent spotter the UK and the world needs. You say this lad impresses you because of how far he is willing to go and he’s totally fearless, well I guess he must be, or you wouldnt say so, but don’t underestimate how you bring out the true potential of these men, perhaps there as fearless as you allow, want or push them to be. Total respect buddy. JoeUK

  • Liam Cole

    Thanks Damon. Miss you too man. Hope your life is full of sex, music and mischief. We’ll meet again one day, in London or in the US.

  • mike

    yes, i said, yes i will, yes!

  • MIKE


  • Damon Dogg

    Looks and sounds HOT Liam. Can’t wait to see it.
    I hope that you are doing well, I miss your lovely face.
    Wish I could get out to London and visit sometime.

  • Joseph

    Liam, I absolutely love your selection of Men for your videos. HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph

    Slammed? Really? Lol He’s definitely hot and I’m sure the video will be just as. However, I can’t help but think of drugs when hearing this title. Hmmm

  • Liam Cole

    I’m glad you guys like him, because he really shines in SLAMMED. I was very impressed with how far he was willing to go. Totally fearless guy.

  • Tim

    This guy is absolutely gorgeous. Liam certainly does know how to find the hottest guys. I’ll look forward to when I can watch this guy in action.

  • Toby

    FUCK me! He took my breath away. Handsome face and gorgeous body got me hard in an instant oink fucking oink!!! ;@)

  • Buckhead Daddy

    What a hot man. Liam you know how to pick them. Can’t wait to see your new video!

  • JoeUK

    Fucking hot guy. Would love to be on th receiving end of this guyz attention

  • David

    So fucking hot