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PARK & RIDE || A Max Sohl Sex Tape – Pre-Release Scene

Max Sohl’s newest fuck flick, loaded with 8 scenes of epic man breeding, is coming at the end of June. Get ready to PARK & RIDE with some T.I.M. favorites and super hot new men, all of whom want nothing more than to show you their cocks and holes in action.

The inevitable showdown between

T.I.M.’s resident fuckhole CHRISTIAN and massive alpha top LITO CRUZ has been a long time coming. We wanted it to be perfect and asked the guys if they needed anything. “Just get him lubed up with sperm and ready for me,” was LITO’s only request. After all the fan mail we received for EDDIE and his beautiful, hole-impaling cock (last seen in Up the Gut), we knew just who to call on—and Eddie was fuckin’ overjoyed to oblige.

There’s something for everyone in this scorching fuckfest, including EDDIE’s double breeding and a wild intergenerational dicking when porn’s biggest Latino Daddy top shows EDDIE the best way to use a manhole. All the while, LITO never loses sight of making sure CHRISTIAN’s fuckchute is slick and dripping wet for his impressive, uncut tool.




  • Tigerstripesxxx

    Christian’s hot man-twat looks so delicious with that sponge coming out of it!

  • Joe Heiselmann

    Oh my God can’t wait to get this! Happy Friday everyone