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FSC Releases Statement on Opposition to State Senate Vote for AB 1576

Originally posted by John Sanford on XBIZ
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition has issued a statement on its opposition to AB 1576, the legislation requiring mandatory barrier protection on adult production sets that cleared the California Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee with an affirmative vote this morning.
The bill will now proceed to be heard by the Senate …

Drew Sebastian Meets His Match in Dolf Dietrich

We’ve just received word that the rumors are true: resident TIM bad boy stud Drew Sebastian has a new beau! Who, you ask? None other than 6’5″ tattooed muscle porn star  Dolf Dietrich. Could this pairing be any taller, more built, or more hung? We don’t think so.
Apparently the two men met on set for a couple weeks ago and have …


Originally posted by J.W. Waxner-Herman on The Sword
The highly controversial and poorly written “condom bill” that’s now working its way through the California legislature, known as AB 1576, has inspired a ton of reaction on the straight side of the porn industry, where condom use has been all but non-existent in the last few decades. But gay performers definitely need …


Originally posted by J.W. Waxner-Herman on The Sword
Straight porn blogger and shit-stirrer Mike South published a “guest editorial” today that is basically a vicious screed against homosexuality. And it’s inspired by Treasure Island’s recent poz-cum-fetishizing work Viral Loads.
Remember it’s that movie where Blue Bailey is the bottom in a 20-man gang-bang and they whip out a turkey baster and a …

HIV Positive Guys: Meet The New Criminal Class

Originally posted by Mark King on Queerty
We’ve all heard scare stories of “intentional HIV infection,” usually racially charged “news” accounts of HIV-positive men looking to infect innocents, male and female, who have no idea the danger they face when the hop into bed with the guy. But for the majority of people with HIV serving time right now in these cases …

Congrats To The Winners of Our Twitter TIMJock Contest!

Last week we decided to give our fans a special treat by giving away one of our TIMJocks to one of our fans who would be willing to write SIFIBILI (short for Max Sohl’s latest Fuck Tape SUCK IT FUCK IT BREED IT LEAVE IT) and we had so many fantastic submissions that we had to pick TWO winners. Our first winner, …

Anti-gay Texas Governor Rick Perry Compares Being Gay To Being Alcoholic

Originally posted by Greg Hernandez on
Anti-gay Texas Governor Rick Perry is now comparing being a homosexual to being an alcoholic.
Both, he believes, have the option to abstain.
Perry, a failed candidate for the 2012 Republican Party nomination for president, was asked at an event in San Francisco over the weekend whether he believed homosexuality was a disorder.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports …

Overseen on HBO: Do the Silicon Valley Boys Have Something To Admit?

HBO launched it’s fictional account of six young men who founded a startup company in Silicon Valley this year. The series is such a hit that it has already been picked up for a second season that will follow it’s supposedly straight characters further as they attempt to make it big in the tech capital of the United States (about half an hour from TIM’s headquarters in San Francisco). We couldn’t help but notice the nod to Treasure Island Media in this scene where geeky Erlich Bachman is emerging from the shower in his robe.

Why I Don’t Want Condoms: A Porn Performer’s Perspective

My decision to do porn wasn’t an easy one. I spent months debating and talking to people: girls, agents, directors, my parents, my boyfriend at the time. I made many pros-and-cons lists. At the top of every con column? Sexual health. Eventually, obviously, I decided that the reward was greater than the risk. And I was right. I feel sexually safe every time I go to work. But California’s A.B. 1576 is going to change that.

What Truvada Means for the Future of HIV Prevention For Porn Stars

With Weinstein’s callous dismissal of Truvada as a “party drug” for gay men, it’s unlikely that he will be receptive to Acworth’s advocacy of PrEP as a public health strategy for porn stars. Weinstein’s statement sends a dangerous message that people who use Truvada are irresponsibly promiscuous, fostering an atmosphere of stigma and shame that may deter high-risk individuals from seeking treatment. Adult performers are a highly stigmatized population, and there may be a concern relying that on Truvada and testing alone is an irresponsible choice compared to using condoms.